Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Israel OKs Wider Ground Offensive

MSNBC.COM -- Maybe they'll be more selective in their targets as a ground force than from fighter jets. For all this talk of rockets raining down on Israel from Lebanon, there's not enough talk about how most of these rockets land in the water and empty fields. The response is incredibly disproportionate that it's sickening.

Try this:
Digital Journalist Photo Gallery Especially look at photos 26, 61 and 93.

I also overheard this morning on CNN or MSNBC that the Red Cross is now accusing Israel of violating the Geneva convention by preventing aid workers from reaching people in need.

Yes, two Israeli soldiers were kidnapped. But the rockets didn't go into the air until after Israel began its bombing.

Explain it to me. What will this accomplish? What is the goal? If you think of terrorists like rats, you can never ferret them all out. You will simply drive them deeper and strengthen their resolve. And in the long run, you will be worse off.

In the long run you will be worse off. This is worth repeating.

End this.
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