Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Will China Always Be Run By Idiots?

MSNBC.COM -- In a move that even the official newspaper described as "extraordinarily crude, cold-blooded and lazy" the Chinese government clubbed 50,000 dogs to death because they were worried about a rabies epidemic. People out walking their dogs would have their dogs seized and beaten on the spot. In other cases, government "killing squads" would enter towns at night, make noise to get dogs to bark and then locate and bludgeon the dogs to death.

What, couldn't afford a dart gun and some horse tranquilizers? While I seriously doubt anyone in China will ever read this, especially anyone in their government, I gotta say... what the heck are you smoking? You are backwards hillbilly morons without a brain amongst the lot of you. The sooner your country implodes or your people finally wise up and overthrow you, the better.

Dang it, now I've got another arch-enemy.
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