Friday, August 25, 2006

Interesting to Me This Week (8/25)

A guy in Texas, watching a webcam of a street in UK sees a burglary in progress and calls the police who apprehend the criminals. Nice going! (

Why did Sony buy Grouper? Cringely suggests it's a cheap way to study what entertains people these days since the mutli-media conglomerates are finding they are no longer the only choice in town. (

A woman embezzles $2.3 million from her company. The worst part? She was spending it buying lottery tickets. I've always said that the lottery was a tax on those who were bad at math. But I think it's also a tax on really, really, really stupid people. (

The iBar (iTired iOf iThe iI iTrend) is a cool bar with lighting effects that change as things are placed on its surface. Videos are neat. (

Coathangers designed to look like darts that have been thrown at the wall. How fun. Until you have to explain it repeatedly to your friends, I'm sure. (

Turns out that Milwaukee, not Vegas, is America's drunkest city. From what I've heard of Milwaukee, should that really be a surprise? (

I heard the song on Launchcast and thought it must be a joke, especially with Jamie Kennedy listed as the artist. I think it started as a bunch of quotes inserted into a song and later they approached Saget about making a video. Explicit content but amusing. ( and

The ultimate insult. One day, you're going to get some new neighbors. The next day being told you're not a legitimate player in the 'hood. And then, because you're an inanimate object, you have no recourse or now way to protest. Sorry, Pluto. (

Microsoft's planning to add a "Report Abuse" button to its Messenger program. I don't know how it will work, but it's supposed to allow people to report suspected predators. Instead, I see it being used by 12-year-olds to report their friends. (

From my co-worker Chris, two short videos of old Atari games re-enacted by humans. It's stop motion so it's not as cool as that Matrix Ping-Pong one but still amusing. ( - space invaders and - pong)

A way to test how fast your connection. Was surprised to find out that my home connection from Comcast was as fast as the fasted one listed for downloads and pretty decent for uploads. (

What can be learned from Snakes on a Plane and its marketing? (church of the consumer)

An amusing anti-telemarketer script. Interested in hearing how it works out if anyone tries it. (

Kevin had a good day. But it's been a seesaw of a week since then, going downhill and then uphill even more quickly. He's also posted a lot of clips from his work in the TV industry on his blog. (

A new trend... bringing the service business to you. First it was people who would come and get your car and wash it while you were at work, and then guys who would pick-up your dry cleaning. And then oil changes in the staff parking lot. In Vegas, it's gone even further... now the dentist comes to the staff parking lots of the casinos. (

In future news, a recently opened Hitler-themed restaurant in India is firebombed by Jewish Indians. (

After an April Fools Joke is received really well by people who think it's real, the World Strip Poker Championship Kicks-off... (

Scare tactics by a group hoping to get some government money creates videos to show how bombs can be rigged to blow up only when someone from a particular country (carrying their passport) walks by the bomb. (
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