Friday, August 18, 2006

Friday Links (8/18)

Breast Implants Might Not Make Life Sweeter
MSNBC.COM -- Compared with the general population, those who get breast implants are more likely to later commit suicide than those who don't. To a much smaller degree, those who get other types of cosmetic surgery also are more suicide-prone. Which might suggest that to willingly get cut-up, there's already something mentally wrong with you. Or, that after you've had the surgery, you realize that changing the outside didn't do you any good because you were a crummy person inside and people still didn't like you once they got to know you.

Snakes on a Firetruck
NEWS.COM -- A new invention in the works: a robotic snake that uses the power of the water in the hose it's dragging to squirm its way into situations where firefighters can't go.

Check Out My Cube
ENTERTAINMENTEARTH.COM -- A co-worker swears this site is "awesome." He also often sends e-mails with extra e's on the ends of words like he's renaissance faire-y-ing it up. Today's e-mail was a Potter Star Wars Lord of the Rings King James mash-up.

Did You Miss Out?
ENGADGET.COM -- If you didn't already get your $100k in on a deposit on a Tesla, you're out of luck. The first production run has sold out. Sorry.

Renovate This, Honey!
ABOUT.COM -- Some sad statistics about how much marital strife is caused by renovation. We had some serious strife when we renovated, but it was all directed at the contractor. It was the two of us who kept each other sane. I guess it all comes back to (1) communication and (2) it's us against the world, baby.

Cool New Use for Google Earth
ESV.ORG -- A group of enthusiasts has been hard at work identifying the location of hundreds of locations mentioned in the Bible.

Beware the Bubble 2.0
CNN.COM -- With Fox making money off of its purchase of, it's suggested that now the other media players are going to step up and overpay on less prominent social networking sites in a me, too, fashion, and that if they're not careful, it's going to lead to another dot-bomb.

YOUTUBE.COM -- Public speakers everywhere are bemoaning sites like You Tube where anything recorded will eventually appear. A slip of the tongue by a young pastor. For even more fun, watch it with the sound off and look at how his face changes color so quickly.

But I Haven't Visited All the Ones We Have Now
MSNBC.COM -- Scientists are considering adding more planets to our solar system. (Well, reclassifying masses of flying rock.) Some would be smaller than our moon, which is not a planet because it revolves around the earth instead of a star. I think the opening graphic is pretty amazing because when put all side-by-side, it's amazing how much some of these other planets are.

REUTERS.COM -- Man, seeking to cure a run of bad luck, purchases a potion supposed to give its drinker good luck. Didn't work for him, it killed him. Guess his bad luck streak wasn't quite over just yet.
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