Thursday, August 31, 2006

Radio Schlack

I usually save stuff like this for Fridays, but this is just stupid. Radio Shack sent e-mails to 400 employees informing them they'd been fired. They were given 30 minutes to clean out their desks. And if they had any questions, they could send e-mails back to Radio Shack.

That's just stupid. Radio Shack said it allowed them to do it quickly (afraid of paying for even five or ten more minutes?) and it was more private for the employees. Yeah, when 400 employees simultaneously shout "What the f?" or start crying and packing up their desks. Yeah, real private.

I'm still bitter over my downsizing, but at least Warner Bros. had the courtesy to call us in one by one with our boss, her boss who flew in from New York and an HR representative.

I hate the creation of new laws, but perhaps laws requiring layoffs to occur in person wouldn't be such a bad thing. E-mails, phones, faxes, telegraphs, messenger pigeons and smoke signals are a really krizappy way to fire people.

And another thing... does anyone still shop at Radio Shack?
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