Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Linkage (08/15)

Interesting stuff not worth making into separate entries...

You are the power company - A device that allows you to "download" power at non-peak times for later use during peak times. Another device holds excess power on behalf of the power company who later gets it back when they need it. (It's not my power, I was just holding it for a friend!) (news.com)

Strawberry-milk-flavored Fish Sausage - Japanese researchers are working on ways of growing flavors so that they can be injected into other foods. (seedmagazine.com)

Beware of Snakes - A look at all the ways SOAP is being cleverly marketed. (church of the consumer)

Where Am I? - This isn't real. Well, it is, but it isn't. It's a miniature city. Zoom out. Cool. (maps.google.com)

And the clock runs out... - ABC Sports is finally going away. Disney will use the ESPN branding for all of its sports programming. But so as to not confuse people, it will be sometimes called "ESPN on ABC" - sigh. Or am I giving sports fans too much credit if I think it's unnecessary to have the "on ABC" as part of the name? (msnbc.com)

Pollution Watch - An organization has figured out a way to equip pigeons with small devices that allow them to monitor air quality and report it back via a cell signal with precise local measurements courtesy of GPS technology. They release the pigeons and the pigeons meander through the area they want to monitor, at a much lowe r altitude and a much cheaper cost than anything else they've tried. The Google Map element allows you to see in real time if they're about to poop on your car. (pigeonblog)
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