Monday, January 25, 2016

Day 25: 157 Days to L.A.

Half of the kitchen is a different color. Lori and her mom painted multiple coats of a new color on the wall. I really liked our bright yellow color before, but I really like this modern (grown up? sophisticated?) new color Lori's chosen for the kitchen and the hall bath. The color originally slated for the bathroom was discarded as soon as the edge was painted.

We also met with our painter today to get an estimate on some of the bigger interior painting jobs. He said we shouldn't bother with the ceilings and I'm always a fan of someone who talks you out of something they can get paid for. The contractor was like that, too, identifying a few things he could fix cheaper than our original plan to replace. We're waiting for his estimate that we thought we'd receive today.  The painter could be back as early as next week to get those massive walls taken care of.

Joining the first buffet in the middle of the living room is the second hutch. I carried up all the pieces from the wrong one, apparently. Ah, well, I'll finish assembling it and then we'll set it aside.  It's a lot of work and I think I'm getting some carpal tunnel from all the work with the screwdriver.  If I can do more when the children are awake or at school, I can use a drill and give my wrist a break.  Once the kitchen is painted, we can put the first buffet and hutch in there.  Once the dining room is painted, we'll put the second one in the alcove.

I also did a little cleaning in the garage, but it would be difficult to actually even tell - it's a giant mess right now, though I'm working to get things into distinct groups: trash, recycling, donation, give away/yard sale, packed and still-to-be-sorted.  I can't wait for the weather to turn nice - I plan to put a bunch of stuff out in the driveway for a free/pay-what-you-want garage sale.  And there's lots of weeding that needs to be done.  Also need to climb up on the roof and lay down moss killer.  Need the rain to activate it, but need a dry day if I'm going to be climbing up there.  Also need to fix the chimney cap while I'm up there.

Tomorrow Lori will turn her attention away from renovations to pre-surgery nesting type activites - tidying, making sure she's got everything she needs for long periods of resting, things like that.

Still not seeing much on the housing front.
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