Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Day 5: 177 days to L.A.

I didn't feel like a lot was accomplished towards the move... by me. Lori got some boxes cleaned up, a few things packed that she won't need again in the next six months and she worked on the list of items to buy. One discussion we had today was the stove. When I had the hot water heater installed under the house (moved from its old location in the laundry room), that was also to get the gas line plumbed to right underneath the kitchen. So... if we're replacing appliances, do we get a gas stove, or a new electric stove? Just another one of the many decisions I'm bummed to have to make. There was so much more I had planned to do here. I thought we'd be here a long time.

One of the things I'm looking forward to is Aloha Food Factory, a really wonderful family-run restaurant in Alhambra. We went there pretty frequently when we lived down there, especially when it was just the two of us. (The 210 to the 605 to the 10 to the 710. Or shoot down Rosemead to Valley - slightly easier to get to than Maranation Ma Kai) Clearly a former Taco Bell, I'm guessing it's been AFF longer than it ever was a Taco Bell. We even had them cater a luau we had with our church group. Great orange chicken, pork, shave ice and really phenomenal macaroni salad - oh, and the macadamia nut pancakes A few years ago when Lori I went down for an overnighter to see John Williams at the Hollywood Bowl, it was a given that we'd be heading over to Alhambra as well.

Man, that sounds so good.  Now I really want Hawaiian food.  I am under my calories yet again today thanks to a lot of walking while I worked today.  Woo.
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