Saturday, January 02, 2016

Day 2: 180 days to L.A.

I didn't do anything today that should really count towards getting us any more ready.  We decided to do some family stuff together instead because we needed to get out of the house after a few weeks of pretty much being indoors due to the cold.  We went to the local mall(ish) because it meant a place to walk around indoors and a play area for Ben.  He had pretzels and it was mostly a nice time.

We're still trying to figure out how to get everything and everyone down to L.A.  There'll be a few cars, some driven, one shipped, three adults, two children and a couple of cats.  And then all of our stuff.  The stuff part is easy - some people come, pack it up, drive it own and unload it. But one of the big questions is Ben... 20 hours in a car, or 3 hours on a plane?  I'm leaning towards plane, but that means taking his car seat or attempting to rent one with a rental car.  Unless I can get my car delivered to airport parking.  Not sure if I could pull that off, but that would be amazing.

The desk I left out front got snagged, so maybe it's time to leave something else out front.  And I've been under my calories for two days in a row.  So there's that. Yay.

One thing I regretted not seeing during my last residence in L.A. was Angel's Flight (wikipedia). Sadly, it appears to be closed now with no known reopening date, due to poor design and apparent negligence by the part of the operators.
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