Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Way to #underwhelm, @FedEx

Apparently, FedEx is too efficient.  They almost got my package here a day early.  But that wouldn't do, they can't give you more than you paid for - so they delayed my package by a day and they're happy to note that on their website.

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And I was just thinking the other day that if I were running FedEx, I would take every 100,000th package, expedite it to overnight and slap a sticker on it and announce that they'd gotten an free upgrade.

Last time I had a package from FedEx it was supposed to be delivered on a Saturday.  It arrived the following Tuesday with several big bright "Saturday Delivery" stickers on it.

I have another FedEx coming next week the same day I'm scheduled to go out of town. I'm worried it'll arrive a few hours after I head to the airport.

I'm a big fan of FedEx (and a minor shareholder).  Why do they keep making me sad?

From last year:

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