Saturday, January 23, 2016

Day 23: 159 Days to L.A.

Time is moving way too quickly. I don't think I did anything today that worked towards our move. We celebrated a family birthday party. It was a nice time and our son did really well for most of the car trips.

Last week, the contractor came to walk through the house and talk about what we wanted done and to give us some of his recommendations. We're expecting his estimate on Monday. The carpet cleaners also came last week, so we moved a lot of stuff to the garage and haven't moved much back since then. It's so open and clean in here, it's nice. The guy who painted the outside of our house in 2014 is dropping by on Monday to talk to us about painting some of the high walls inside our house. That means I need to patch the corners of the walls that have been dinged up, or, um, chewed on.

We've got a really big Google Doc of all the stuff we need to get done and we've got the plans for house hunting and for listing our house. Now I just really need start actually crossing things off the list.
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