Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Day 6: 176 days to L.A.

If you came into the house, you might look around and see clutter.  But, I can tell things are changing. Boxes are moving, boxes are being filled.  The living room and dining room are getting cleaner. Lori's getting to do a lot more right now than me.  I did some work on a maintenance project tonight, but that's about it.   (And I was under my calories, yay - though only barely.)

There's a neighborhood in Los Angeles called Westwood.  It's Westside, right on the edge of UCLA.  It's a very walkable place, a very alive place, even into the late evening (though you'll find many places that are very walkable thanks to the great weather).  And with UCLA nearby, lots of college students also gives it a youthful vibe.

I remember Scott (a friend and co-worker from UltimateTV) and I going over there to hang out and see a movie at the Fox Theater and Lori and I went there to walk on a number of occasions.  Elysee was a great bakery I would liked to have visited more often and, well, now I can probably look forward to it again on a future date night.  I don't recall what a lot of the other shops were like in Westwood, but I just remember it being night, dark, the warm dry air and it feeling like a safe, carefree place to just walk around without a burden in the world.
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