Sunday, December 29, 2013

Week 39 (Final)

Final - Christmas threw everything out of whack.
  • This Week: 132 completed, 51 delayed to the following week
  • Sunday: 1 completed, 0 postponed
  • Monday: 25 completed
  • Tuesday: 19 completed
  • Wednesday: 11 completed
  • Thursday: 17 completed
  • Friday: 12 completed
  • Saturday: 32 completed
  • Sunday: 15 completed
Sunday (prep) - With Christmas this week, I'm pulling back to the bare minimum daily stuff and some of that will probably even get skipped. I also expect that a bunch of new stuff will get added that I'm not aware of yet. I moved everything I could to "nice to have." It was good to be able to clear out most of the n2h list last week though some of what's in there probably shouldn't be, but there was only so much work I was going to do to prepare for this week in my efforts to be quicker about it.
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