Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Where in the World is Santa Claus? (A Christmas Eve Rant)

Ok, so apparently getting to be the NORAD Santa Tracker guys is worth some money - Microsoft is paying (or outbid?) NORAD to let them do it this year. Google couldn't be left without one, so now there's two at least two Santa Trackers. (People are also complaining this year about the fact that at some point Santa is escorted by military jets and how can they bring war into Christmas gifts? Oh, like Santa's never brought a child any G.I. Joe toys. Sheesh.)

While they're in the same geographic region, they're reporting different locations for Santa. Which means either one has bad intel or they're both just making this stuff up and they really don't know where Santa is right now.

Worse yet, Microsoft is using this to promote Internet Explorer. But who would want to get a web browser from a company that can't even be bothered to make sure their own website looks good for the people who are not yet using their browser? I'm using Chrome on a Mac and there's no satellite view (unless it's supposed to just look like it's nighttime?) and on Safari it's all positioned wrong. If they can't make a decent website, how can I trust they'll make a decent browser? It does look good in Firefox on the Mac. I think their front-end QA testing was incomplete.

Google opted for a wordless experience probably hoping to be more universal. But it actually just makes it more confusing. Where's the option to view the actual satellite view? And why is it just an icon? (Microsoft wins on that one.)

In-santa-ty Clause

So now I'm not sure what to believe. A hoax designed to sell browsers? A diversion for children? 

Because it sure isn't accurate tracking of Santa. And that's just sad.

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