Friday, December 06, 2013

Feed Sift

Some interesting things I wanted to pass along...


Thousands support special needs employee berated by customer - A feel-good story. (Today)


State the Price to Give B2B Sites a Competitive Advantage - It may not be "show pricing" but there's probably one thing that you don't do on your website and it's nagging you. This is why you should do it. (Nielsen Group)

"Good Leadership Is Always Human" - A short but good reminder. (Lifehacker)


Carnegie Mellon computer learns common sense through pictures, shows what it's thinking - This is a cool look at machine learning you can interact with. (Engadget)


Microsoft books 'Pawn Stars' to power reality-distortion field - Microsoft attempts to bash Google but it doesn't seem to add up. (The other Cringely)
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