Sunday, December 15, 2013

Week 37 (Final)

Sunday evening - Ok, getting out of the habit of regular posts may have been a day idea. I got over 200 which was one of my goals for the week, but I didn't get any done on Friday at all. On Saturday I did a lot of stuff outside. They weren't so much checklist items, but it was stuff that needed to get done, like getting the Christmas lights up.

Wednesday evening - forgot to update last night. Event tomorrow night may seriously limit my ability to get much done. (I don't think it was on my calendar.) It is late. Reading an interesting but complicated book right now called Lexicon about the power of words. That is, a fiction book in which there are people who know of certain words that can cut right through people's defenses and cause them to be agreeable to anything the person asks them to do.

Monday evening - feels like it should be Tuesday

Sunday evening - got a lot done but some of it just re-spawned to later in the week.

Sunday afternoon - Ok, attempting to further simplify this. Programmed 25 items per day for the rest of the week (some will repeat).  35 additional items in the "Nice to Have" category.

Ok, let's rock this thing.
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