Sunday, December 22, 2013

Week 38 (Final)

Final - I kept the meter running tonight because I was on a roll. So way past my goal of 215 completed by the end of the week. Lots of stuff added during the week that wasn't there before.
  • Total Remaining: 215 203 198 148 99 0 (272 completed, 31 not completed)
  • Sunday: 15 (21 completed, 1 postponed)
  • Monday: 25 23 (30 completed, 4 postponed) 
  • Tuesday: 26 28 33 (23 completed, 12 postponed)
  • Wednesday: 25 30 (30 completed, 12 postponed)
  • Thursday: 25 28 40 (21 completed, 20 postponed)
  • Friday: 28 25 28 (58 completed, 25 postponed)
  • Saturday: 25 27 31 30 54 (38 completed) 
  • Sunday: 20 21 25 32 (51 completed)
  • Nice to Have: 26 25 13 6
Friday night - Vacation day from work. Was to be a quiet day at home with Lori but a light dusting of snow meant a snow day for the children as well. So a fun day, but not what I had originally planned. Still, a lot done and fun with the family. More packages wrapped and finished off Battlestar Galactica, too.

Wednesday night - I neglected to update last night. I didn't get a lot done, but some of the stuff I got done is now off the list for some time.

Monday night - Just before 5, I started to feel really ill. I wasn't even sure I wanted to drive home. But I couldn't just stay in the office so I did drive myself home, stopping on the way to pick up pizza. Got home, took some pain medication and then sat at the table with my family, not touching my food, thinking I was just going to go curl up on the couch and try not to die. (I let pizza get cold!!!). I helped Ben get ready for bed. Instead of reading/singing from the Bible, I let the iPhone play a recording and fell asleep in Ben's room while the guy ready from John 1 and 2. I woke up just as the second chapter ended and sat in there with him for a little longer (he seemed sad). I went downstairs, felt awesome, ate three pieces of cold pizza, had a soda and got quite a few chores done. I'm so grateful to be feeling good right now.

Sunday night - new week. No planned events, so for now, I think I have a reasonable list set for the week. I'm off of work on Friday, so hopefully I can end this week well finally getting to some stuff that's been on my list for far too long. (I did, however, carry over 39 items from last week. That's not so great.)
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