Saturday, August 24, 2013

Vacation, Day 6: Menchies

We began to ease back into non-vacation life. We got up and hung out in the kitchen together for breakfast (that was cool, we don't do that enough under normal circumstances) and then Lori left for an engagement and I hung out with the children. Ben was way too hyper today and eventually I moved him to his room to play up there. Rachel alternated between cleaning her floor and playing on the computer. I used a timer that would lock the computer after 10 minutes and so she'd come back up and put away everything that I'd put in the hall. By the end of the day, her room was ready for vacuuming. While she was cleaning, I also read to Ben, but he couldn't even keep still for very long for that.

And then after Lori came home, we went to Menchie's and enjoyed some frozen yogurt thanks to the anonymous person who sent us the gift card.  If you're reading this, we're very grateful!

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