Saturday, August 31, 2013

Scram, August!

Hard to believe another month is coming to a close. I think August went pretty quickly. If keeping it around could mean more of the same, I'd probably keep it around, I think August was a good month.

Today was a great day. I need to write a blog post just to cover it.

The Big Elements

simplify - I have not moved enough on Project Haven. Just feel like I haven't had time. I have also slowed down on throwing stuff away, but part of that might be a result of having gotten so much already thrown away. Now a lot of small stuff things here and there. Canceling the post office box will mean more mail makes it in the house. We'll probably need to break down and buy another shredder.  I am still slowly simplifying my wardrobe. Not quite a uniform, but working towards more uniformity.

diet and exercise - bwahahaha. I've walked a lot at lunch this month, but I haven't weighed myself in a long time and I haven't been smart in quite some time.

work - new position finally announced. It's gonna be a bit of a bumpy transition but we're a dedicated team and we'll pour a lot of passion into it. Part of my job will be to make sure that all gets focused like a laser. I'll be able to write about it soon.

family present ideas - actually got a birthday present for Lori from the me and the children today as well as her birthday cards and a Christmas present from Ben to Rachel. I'm determined not to be Last Minute Joe this year. (I think I saw the Ornament Collection up in Hallmark already. Crazy. School hasn't even started yet.) I'm also determined not to only buy for Lori but also help in buying for the rest of the family.

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