Friday, August 30, 2013

Print Sift

Here's some stuff I've read recently in magazines that I thought was worth passing along...


The Secrets of Generation Flux - A great article at some of the challenges of leading today, from startups to large companies to war. A quote I liked

McChrystal invested in technology to spur communication and decentralize decision making; his organizational structure made sure that it was used by the troops in more efficient ways. "My command team and I guided our values, strategy, and priorities," he explains. "The leaders lower in the organization made tactical and operational decisions in line with those principles." (Fast Company, March 2012)


10 Weird Reasons You're Being Bitten by Mosquitoes (Reader's Digest, July 2013)


How to Fight Employee Turnover - I like some of the tactics in here. I've always thought that if I ended up high up in a company where I had lots of employees reporting to me that I would use a tactic they describe here - regular gatherings with random employees from within the organization because it serves two purposes: keeps employees connected to management and creates interesting cross-divisional dynamics and synergies. An informal time (like a meal) creates a more relaxed atmosphere where ideas flow and connections are made - a great way for people to learn more about the different parts of the organization and how their work might impact that other group. (Inc., March 2012)


Turning Playtime Into Power - While probably not cheap enough to widespread use in the developing world, this is an interesting concept - soccer ball that stores up kinetic energy while you play. Take it inside at night and plug in an LED light for studying. (30 minutes of play = 3 hours of light). (Inc., May 2013)


How a Video Game called "Infinity" United the Disney-Pixar Universe - A quick look into an upcoming game and how its creators saved themselves from the axe and got John Lasseter to bend his rules when it comes to different worlds colliding. (Fast Company, Sept. 2013)
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