Thursday, August 08, 2013

The End?

It's weird, it feels like I've run out of stuff to say on here. It's been a busy summer, but I'm not sure why I've had so little to post. I am in another holding pattern at work, but that's almost the norm these days, so perhaps I should get used to that. We are approaching vacation so I should soon have a new batch of photos, restaurant reviews and adventures to recap, so that's cool. But guess it's been a little bit ruttish lately - wake up, do chores (or try to sleep in), rush to get to work for an 8 am meeting every day, eat oatmeal and drink coffee, go to meetings, work is a bit scattered at the moment between teams, projects and transitions, take a walk on my lunch break and read a book, come home, spend a little bit of time with the family, do some chores, exercise and watch a little TV, read, go to bed, pray for good sleep, maybe get good sleep, maybe not, wake up and do it all over again.

It's not that things are bad, but they're a bit predictable and routine at the moment. Which I guess means little interesting to write about. I guess I just haven't felt motivated. Hopefully vacation will shake stuff up. Hopefully some things at work soon resolving themselves will shake things up.

Because I like posting on here. I like writing stuff, feeling creative.
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