Monday, June 13, 2011

The Sift 151-155

The Sift 151: Sony

  • As Sony Recovers, It Faces Challenges From Hackers, Customers & Congress (05/06)
  • Sony Welcomes Back PSN Users With Free Games & More (05/17)
  • Report: Sony PlayStation Network Password Reset Page Exploited, Customer Accounts Potentially Compromised (05/18)
  • Sony PlayStation Network Fixes Password Security Breach (05/18)
  • Sony BMG Greece hacked, company's security woes continue (05/23)


The Sift 152: Fun and Games

  • Angry Birds as a Web App
  • The World's Biggest Pac-Man game takes over the internet, your life
  • Scarpar off-road powerboard coming December 2011
  • Nintendo Wii 2 Rumors: The Comprehensive Guide
  • The Ultimate MacGyver Recipe Book Rounds Up All of Mac’s Clever Hacks


The Sift 153: Google

  • SyncDocs Syncs Google Docs with Your Computer, Makes Docs the Default Document Editor
  • Using the power of mapping to support South Sudan
  • Google Promotes Google Accounts
  • Summarize your data with pivot tables
  • Top 10 Awesome Android Features that the iPhone Doesn’t Have


The Sift 154: Infographics

  • Apple’s 500,000 Approved iOS Apps by the Numbers
  • Behind the Screen of the Infographic Effects in Tron Legacy
  • Here’s How Corporations Dodge Taxes
  • Skype’s Rollercoaster History


The Sift 155: Transit, Traffic, Travel and Development

  • Choose your Hotel Room with a Perfect View
  • Don't Tax What You Want More Of
  • Add your local knowledge to the map with Google Map Maker for the United States
  • DOT Releases New Passenger’s Bill of Rights
  • If Nothing Else, Maybe We Can All Agree On This: The Viaduct Is Ridiculous


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