Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The Sift 146-150

The Sift 146: Apple Store Mystery?

  • Apple Store Rings in 10th Birthday With Mystery Launch
  • Apple granted patent for a 'reduced size multi-pin connector,' namedrops USB 3.0 and DisplayPort
  • Apple Patent Shows Powerful Fitness App for iPhone
  • Apple Looking Into Text-to-Speech Converter for the iPhone
  • Apple gets cozy with EMI, Universal, and Sony over cloud music licensing


The Sift 147: Art, Architecture, Design, Fashion and Style

  • Coca-Cola’s Headquarters Gets 3D Makeover
  • Get Real-Time Fashion Advice Before You Go Out
  • Amphibious 1000: A Design for Qatar’s First Luxury Semi-Submerged Floating Hotel
  • 15 Mesmerizing iPhone Photos of Cloudscapes
  • Lego-style apartment transforms into infinite spaces (9:38)


The Sift 148: Cars

  • BMW i3 Electric Car To Revolutionize Automotive Engineering & Manufacturing
  • e Cygnet: Aston Martin to Release Its First Electric Car Ever
  • The New Lexus LF-Gh Sets the Standard for Hybrid Design
  • Ford, Google Team Up to Make Smarter Cars
  • San Francisco to Allow Electric Vehicle Owners to Juice Up for Free


The Sift 149: Employment and Work

  • How to Survive a Promotion
  • HOW TO: Ask For an Online Recommendation
  • The Five Traits That Get You Promoted to CEO
  • How to Prepare If You Think You Might Lose Your Job
  • Say No Without Wrecking Your Career


The Sift 150:Television

  • TV networks aren’t taking many chances with their 2011-12 lineups
  • FOX, NBC Unveil Fall Shows (with Trailers)
  • ABC's new fall shows dazzle in New York (with Trailers)
  • CBS nips, tucks its fall schedule; also, Buffy is back (with Trailers)
  • Which TV Shows Are the Most Social?


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