Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Review -- Everything Explained Through Flowcharts

Everything Explained Through FlowcartsEverything Explained Through Flowcharts: All of Life's Mysteries Unraveled
Doogie Horner

I checked out this book from the library and I recommend it. Checking it out from the library, that is. It's an amusing little book, using flowcharts and graphs to explain all kinds of stuff from Designer Paint Colors to Chain Restaurants Classifications, from Tattoos to Things People Say to My Dog.

It was a quick read, maybe even a "skim" - I will say, though, that the book also had a lot of text. In paragraph form. Yeah, I know! I did not read most of that, I was simply here for the flowcharts. Which were clever, funny and well done. (And often not at all appropriate for my church friends.)

Having Trouble Picking a Major? The College Major chart breaks down your majors into two categories and 9 subcategories - Useless (Easy, Fun, Altruistic, Archaic, Lonely) and Useful (Boring, Difficult, Evil, Will Age You Terribly). And, yep, Communications was under "Useless/Easy". Marketing was in the sub-sub-category "Exploitative" under "Useful/Evil."

Need a quick primer on Doomsday Scenarios for your next novel? This book's got that, too.

And what about if all the U.S. Presidents got in a fight? Learn who ought to be in your bracket.

If you have to use Visio or Gliffy to make swimlanes or flowcharts or decision trees for work, check out this book for some entertainment as well as some practical ways to look at organizing information. (Yes, gasp, it may be slightly educational!)

Paperback, 160 pages
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