Monday, June 27, 2011

The Sift 166-170

The Sift 166: Google

  • Define, translate and search for words in Google eBooks
  • Changes and improvements to AIM interoperability
  • Google Quietly Protests Internet Censorship in India
  • Google is blocking Android Market movie rentals on rooted devices because of copy protection


The Sift 167: Microsoft and Kinect

  • Hacked Kinect duo teams up with HD projector to make 360 Snowglobe display (not a straight Kinect hack, they're doing other cool stuff with 3D projection)
  • Windows 8 Preview: 23 Potential Features You Should Know About
  • Microsoft’s Web-Based Marketplace to Send Apps to Windows Phones
  • Steve Ballmer's Worst Nightmare
  • All the Amazing New Features in Windows Phone Mango


The Sift 168: Music

  • What Would the Music Industry Look Like if Napster Never Existed? [CHART] - Proof that the RIAA *still* doesn't get it.
  • Real-Time Spectrum Visualization of a Mashup Music Song - fascinating, mesmirizing
  • YouTube Launches Top 100 Chart for Music
  • Anesidora Is the Unofficial Pandora Player for Chrome
  • People of Wal*Mart (Both scary and great music)


The Sift 169: Social Media

  • In Trying to Plant Google Privacy Story, Did Facebook Have a Point?
  • For Students, What is the "Facebook Effect" on Grades
  • T-Mobile's Bobsled voice service returns to Facebook
  • Celebrities on Twitter: 30 Famous First Tweets
  • Introducing the Follow Button


The Sift 170: Transit, Travel, Traffic and Development

  • Keystone Parkway Is the Greenest Highway Intersection in the US - unique design saves many properties from ROW destruction
  • The Differences between the Real London Underground and its Map
  • Proximity
  • TomTom user data sold to Dutch police, used to determine ideal locations for speed traps
  • How to Lie, Cheat, and Steal Your Way to a Perfect Flight

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