Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Partial Review -- Imperfect Birds

Imperfect BirdsImperfect Birds
Anne Lamott

This book is 278 pages and I gave up on page 90. The book very nicely illustrates some characters I could care less about. (Or whom scare me with names too similar to those of my own family.)

Imperfect Birds, from as far as I read, is the story of a girl in her senior year of high school, her friends, her mom and step-dad, and their friends. The girl does drugs and sleeps around and has body issues and makes dumb choices and lies to her parents. Every time there's a siren, her mom imagines all the ways her daughter could be dead. The two reviewers quoted on the jacket talk about it being "heartbreaking" so all these visions the mom has feels like the world's longest setup to something actually happening to their daughter. But nothing does.

I liked one review on Amazon that said "just a trudging advance across flat terrain."

This must have been one recommended by Entertainment Weekly.

At the time I posted this review (it'll take a little time before it publishes to the blog), here's what my book list looked like:

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