Thursday, June 09, 2011

Dear @TacoBell

Dear @TacoBell,

Three complaints and a compliment.

First, why must I choose between healthy and tasty? The tasty food is dramatically unhealthy, the healthy food is rolled cardboard filled with ground cardboard and topped with grated cardboard. You'd think maybe it was time to look at just making your overall menu healthier. I'm not sure I can keep eating there. Now... maybe that's not a bad amount for an item. But when your combo menus all contain multiple items... and it takes multiple items to feel satisfied... and it's cheaper to buy multiple items as a combo... then who are you trying to fool when you list them individually on your nutrition guides?  Also, putting the serving size in grams first is sneaky.  Does the serving size matter when it's not a bulk product like cereal or chips where you pour yourself a serving?  It seems like a sleight of hand trick to mask the outrageous calorie counts.

Second, why is the Fresco menu so plain? Is it designed to appear as unappealing as the food on it? It just looks cheap and dingy, like you actually don't want people to order for it. It doesn't pop or have the wow factor of the rest of your menus and signage.  Perhaps it's supposed to feel light and airy.  To me it feels like you intentionally made it low-rent so people won't look at it.

Third, what is up with the "Why Pay More!" menu? I really continue to be boggled by the idea that you intentionally end this sentence with an exclamation point. I thought it was a mistake on signage years ago when it first appeared. But it persists. Please, stop the insanity.

And now, to leave on a high note - I just tried the new salsas in the brown and green packets - fantastic. Really, really good. I may have found a replacement for fire sauce. Well done.

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