Sunday, April 03, 2011

The Sift 91-95

The Sift 91: Fun & Games

  • Angry Birds Coming to Facebook
  • Need... More... Coffee...
  • Why can't this girl find the right guy?
  • Kitten's First Soft Food
  • Super Mario FPS


The Sift 92: Foursquare

  • Foursquare gets ready to release an overhauled platform for businesses
  • If I Ran Foursquare
  • Everything you need to know about the new foursquare points and leaderboard
  • Why Does My Foursquare Point Total Keep Changing?
  • How to Create Your First Foursquare Special


The Sift 93: Transit, Traffic, Travel and Development

  • High-Speed Rail Goes To Florida’s Supreme Court
  • Los Angeles City Council Unanimously Approves Plan for 1,680 Miles of Bikeways
  • Washington State Route 112
  • Review -- City: Rediscovering the Center
  • Interfering with Traffic by Jay Malin


The Sift 94: Advertising, News and Media

  • How to Keep Reading the NY Times for Free
  • Extraordinary iPhone App Identifies 2.6 Million TV Shows by Listening
  • 30%, the long tail and a future of serialized content
  • What the Egyptian Revolution Taught Al Jazeera About Digital
  • Making of an "Old Spice" commercial


The Sift 95: Amazon

  • analyzes Amazon Prime Instant Video offerings vs the competition
  • Amazon Threatens to Cut Calif. Affiliates Over Taxes
  • Amazon Ends Affiliate Program in Illinois
  • Amazon Cloud Drive Stores 5 GB of Your Stuff Online and Streams Your Music Back to You
  • How To: Use Amazon Cloud Player with iOS Devices


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