Sunday, April 17, 2011

Piling It On Again

It happened again. It's almost as if the emails just bubble up from inside Gmail all on their own. I didn't have my assistant this time, but it was time to sit down again and try and fix it. And in a month's time, it was over 100 emails that I had to go through again. It wasn't even all of the emails I received, it was all the ones that I hadn't done anything with.

So, having gone through this a second time, I think a month from now I won't be in this situation a third time, I can't, I won't. I will reform. I will do a better job of deleting emails.

My public humiliation follows.

1, 4, 7, 8, 16, 17, 37, 39, 43, 44, 47, 48, 49, 53. Facebook Group Message - deleted - (#16 - adjusted notification settings, hopefully that will slow it down.)

2, 3. Blogger Comment Notification (Spam) - deleted

5, 12, 34. LinkedIn Connection Notification - deleted

6, 30. My own out-of-office notification - deleted

9, 10. Facebook Event Invitation (not a real event, declined, unfriended the sender)

11, 22, 38, Summify Daily Update - hey, the first time (#11) it's been relevant - but all the news was news I had already seen. - deleted

13. Alumni Plea for money - deleted

14. Updated Xobni Notification - deleted

15, 57, 74. Redbox - unsubscribed, I find I'm not reading them and we're using my wife's account to rent movies

18, 19, 20, 21, 23, 24, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63. An email about small group this week - not longer relevant. Deleted.

25. Richmond Public Relations spamming my blog. contacts: Lori Meyers / Sarah Ducharme (206) 682-6979 / - deleted (no way to mark as spam on iPad)

26. Short note from my wife that doesn't need an answer - deleted

27. Consumer Reports survey request - left in inbox, need to take care of this still

28. More spam for my blog - RENEÉ HEWITT | PR Consultant | Topical BioMedics | | t: 845.382.9152 - unsubscribed, leaving in inbox so I can mark as spam later (done)

29. Something that's for my blog that's actually relevant - yay, Colehour+Cohen! - left in my inbox to deal with

31, 54, 68, 79. - still haven't used service, but may someday. Deleted.

32, 33. Disqus notifications to new posts on my blog. Deleted.

35. Rapleaf Usage Summary. Deleted. They should make their free trial smarter. Or else their data isn't as scary good as people say.

36, 50, 57. Plaxo birthday reminder. Too early or too late. Deleted.

37, 41, 67. Companies I do business with telling me about the Epsilon security breach.

40, 73. An email from a bank I no longer do business with promoting a service I don't need. Unsubscribed(40) and deleted.

42. Seth Godin alerting me to a 4-hour only offer last Thursday. Too late. Deleted.

45. Email from my wife about free books for Kindle. Left in inbox.

46. Confirmation of an email subscription (WSDOT)

50. newsletter. Eh. I checked it out, but I don't really do comics. If you do, you should check it out, it's a well-done site. Unsubscribed and deleted.

51. Httparchive confirming my request to add a website. I don't see it yet, so I'll leave it in my inbox to check later.

52. confirming unsubscription. Deleted.

55, 95, 97. EmbassySuites - deleted.

56. Zynga - unsubscribed again, marked as spam.

58. My wireless bill is available. I autopay. Deleted.

64, 69, 103. Someone's sent me a notice on Facebook. Deleted.

65. Someone's invited me (via Facebook) to an event a few states away. Indicated no and deleted. There's 2 yes (aka maybe) and 3 maybes (aka no), 30 no and 200 non-response.

66, 72. Planning Center - I'm scheduled for an upcoming service. Can I work it? Left in inbox, need to view and respond.

67. Conversation with fine folks at BankSimple. No need to reply or retain. Deleted.

70. People I know on Facebook have birthdays this week. Cool. Posted a few birthday messages. Deleted.

71. Welcome to Summify.

73. Lose-it - woo - I'm one in a million. Sarcastic woo.

75, 76. Work-related and not needed. Deleted.

77, 83. Westfield mall. Eh. Deleted.

78, 81. Invitation (via Facebook) to fake events that have already occurred. Deleted.

82. Xobni beta is coming! Old news. Deleted.

83. Facebook Page Update - old news. Deleted.

84, 93, 98, 102, 104, 107, 108, 110. Seth Godin - gonna have to stay in my inbox for now. Though this is starting to pile up.

85. Newsletter from a credit card. Yawn. Deleted.

86. A legitimate email for my other blog. Stays in inbox.

87, 96. Plaxo newsletter. Eh. Deleted.

88. Facebook birthdays. Old. Deleted.

89. Way old email relating to small group. Deleted.

90, 105. Booksneeze - instructions to download a book I've agreed to review. Stays in inbox.

91. Bank newsletter. Yawn. Only kept for work-related reasons. Forwarded to work and deleted.

92. Local police - missing person. No follow-ups suggest he's still missing. :(

94, 99. Family Google Calendar request. Handled. Deleted.

98. Spam for my blog from Laura Neroulias THINKPR 598 Broadway, 6th FL New York City 10012 o:212.343.3920

100, 101. Work-related, deleted.

106. Amazon Gift Certificate.

109. Notification of a meeting here in town that has now already occurred. Deleted.

111, 112. Email from me to me. Handled. Deleted.

113, 114, 115. Old discussion with my wife. No longer needed. Deleted.

116. A new email that arrived. Replied and deleted.

31 emails remain. Will start dealing with the ones left.
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