Saturday, April 02, 2011

Review -- Pretzel Crisps

("D" battery for size comparison)
For reasons I won't go into, this bag has spent two months in our bedroom - open.  The good news is - these chips are still just as crispy, just as tasty as the day the bag was opened.  (They're now properly stowed in the cupboard with the ziplock seal closed.)

Ok, I will go into... the crisps were supposed to go in carry-on and go on a trip but the bag ended up being too big and got left behind and opened shortly after returning from the trip.

Aaaanyhow (as my friend Adam used to say), these are some good chips.   They are thin and resemble pretzels.  I don't know if they're just formed that way, or if they actually create pretzels and then flatten them, but they're good very crunchy.  They do puff up a little bit with air inside them.  And then they're coated with flavoring that tastes good on the crisps and also on your fingers (it will get all over your fingers).

There is 7 servings in the bag and each serving is 10 crisps at 110 calories.  It is a pretty decent snack.  Safeway lists the price as $4.39 for the bag, so it's 60 cents a snack, so about the cost of a candy bar, so a little pricey, but much healthier.  

Their website shows 12 different colored bags.
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