Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Sift 106-110

The Sift 106: Cars

  • EV milestone: Fisker rolls first Karma off the assembly line, aims to deliver 7,000 this year
  • Hyundai Unveils the Hydrogen-Powered Blue2 Hybrid
  • GM Announces That Chevy Volt Owners Can Go 1,000 Miles Between Fill-ups
  • First Drive: Rav4 EV Prototype Embodies Tesla Spirit
  • Tesla Roadster Wins 5th Monte Carlo Alternative Energy Rally


The Sift 107: Dropbox

  • How to Sync iTunes Across All Your Computers with Dropbox
  • Create a Highly Organized, Synchronized Home Folder with Dropbox
  • Sync Your Desktop Between Computers Using Dropbox
  • DropVox Records Voice Memos Directly to Dropbox
  • Need an account? Sign-up for Dropbox


The Sift 108: Employment and Work

  • Top Ten Ways to Rock Your Resume
  • 10 Things You NEED to Do if You Were Hired Today
  • 80 Startups Rejected from NYC Job Fair Launch Rival Gathering
  • Facebook-Infused Job Search Site Finds Listings From Your Social Graph
  • Pay Attention to What You Envy to Discover Work That You Love


The Sift 109: Finances, Banking, Business and Acquisition

  • ReadyForZero is a Simple Webapp That'll Help Get You Out of Debt
  • AOL Bolsters Local News Investment With Acquisition of
  • VeriFone Demands Recall of Square Credit Card Readers
  • Facebook Acquires Snaptu to Bring Social Networking to Feature Phones
  • Sprint Kicks Off the War Against AT&T’s Acquisition of T-Mobile


The Sift 110: Food, Health and Medicine

  • The Ultimate In-N-Out Secret Menu (and Super Secret Menu!) Survival Guide
  • The REAL first Starbucks
  • How to Render Bacon Fat - a phrase I heard on a show my wife was watching that I needed to look up
  • How Your Taste Buds Play a Role in Potential Health Issues
  • MyVoice app for iOS and Android enables the mute to talk


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