Friday, February 04, 2011

You Are Here

This is a cool new feature on Linked In. (Read more about it on Lifehacker.)

Takes your networks and shows how they are interconnected. I like this because it gives you distinct groupings, as you'd expect, but also a few surprises when clouds connect. Shows you who some of the real power brokers are.

Much more interesting than a similar feature that I've had on my Facebook account for years that puts me at the center of the universe with everyone orbiting me equally...  Of course, I have a lot of friends on Facebook that don't interconnect with anyone else due to the great purge of a few years ago when I stopped being an indiscriminate friend-collector.   In some ways, this is more of a pain in the neck, because you have to explore each person individually to see how they connect to your other friends.  But it also puts the emphasis on the individual.  That's nice, but it does make it more difficult to see patterns or interesting relationships.  I guess that's the power of good presentation.

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