Sunday, February 06, 2011

The Sift 36-40

The Sift 35: Hey, It's Facebook

  • Netflix Working on Deep Facebook Integration
  • Facebook may be developing, testing VoIP calls straight through its website
  • Facebook Increases Security by Allowing HTTPS Usage Everywhere
  • Facebook phone rumors resurface: cloud-based, HTC-built?
  • Facebook Experimenting with "Social Captchas" for Authentication


The Sift 36: Picture This, Too - More Infographics

  • Which Brands Got the Most Social Media Buzz in '10?
  • Starbucks Trenta, Illustrated: How The New Size Compares To The Human Stomach
  • If you lived in... - comparisons between any two countries.
  • The Twitterverse - a great graphic showing all the websites/companies orbiting (relying on) Twitter
  • The Staggering Size of the Internet


The Sift 37: The Speed of Business

  • Wearing Glasses Will Get You a Better Job
  • LinkedIn Identifies Your Contacts in "Fortunes Best Companies To Work For"
  • Three Ways to Help People Get Things Done
  • Are You Paying Attention? How Things Change Suddenly and Radically
  • Clay Shirky on institutions vs. collaboration (July 2005; 20:49)


The Sift 38: Let's Go Google

  • Easter Egg in Google Books Ngram Viewer
  • Google Translate's Beatbox Easter Egg
  • Google Voice Number Porting Now Available
  • Why Google Needs Its Own Steve Jobs
  • Google to Make 2011 Biggest Hiring Year Ever


The Sift 39: Advertising

  • LinkedIn Now Allows Advertising to Target Users by Job Title & More
  • 6 Predictions for Digital Advertising in 2011
  • Apple Opens Up iAd Creation to the Masses
  • YouTube's Most Viewed Ads of 2010
  • Top 10 Digital Advertising Innovations of 2010


The Sift 40: Future Car

  • Toyota Developing New Type of Electric Motor in an Effort to Escape Dependency on Rare Earth Metals
  • Tesla Unveils Model S 'Alpha Build' Prototype at Detroit Auto Show
  • Silver Tesla Model S Alpha Hits the Road, Carves Some Corners
  • Volvo's platooning SARTRE cars drive themselves (video)
  • New Materials Could Double Chevy Volt Battery Capacity


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