Wednesday, February 02, 2011

What Is This, Boy Scouts?

I'm slightly amused by all these sites now offering badges. I've gotten badges on at least three sites now. I think the only one that I'm really happy about is "The 25 Club" from LoseIt, signifying that I've lost 25 pounds. Although I also got my red Swingline stapler one, that's cool. There are a couple of Foursquare ones I'm hoping to get soon, but overall, it's pretty silly, all these badges. (I stopped two below Eagle Scout, by the way.)
Lose It badges.  I like the look of these.

Foursquare, the grand-daddy of badges

YouVersion - I hope they get smaller as you get more
because if these were on chains, the size
would kill your neck.
I do want to get these ones from Foursquare:
Fixer Upper
Baggage Handler
Jet Setter
And since I've not quoted The Treasure of Sierra Madre or Blazing Saddles in this post, feel free to do so in the comments.
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