Monday, February 21, 2011

The Sift 51-55

The Sift 51: Nokia (2 of 2)

  • RIP: Symbian
  • Stephen Elop: There will be 'substantial reductions in employment' inside Nokia
  • Nokia execs reshuffled in Microsoft-centered Elopcalypse
  • Nokia and Microsoft enter strategic alliance on Windows Phone, Bing, Xbox Live and more
  • Rushing the Net: Nokia's Coming Fight to the Finnish


The Sift 52: Brain Tricks

  • Top 10 Tips and Tricks to Train, Exercise and Better Your Brain
  • Find Time for Your Personal Life and Get a Handle on Your Out-of-Control Work Schedule
  • Why Comfort is a Productivity-Killer
  • New research suggests our brains delete information at an 'extraordinarily high' rate
  • Communicate Better by Pretending People You Know Are Strangers


The Sift 53: Gooooogle

  • Microsoft’s Bing uses Google search results—and denies it
  • Google Wins Access To “Super Wi-Fi” Broadband Spectrum
  • Explore museums and great works of art in the Google Art Project
  • Google Offers $20,000 and a Laptop for a Chrome Hack
  • Google Chrome Cheat Sheet: 10 Tips and Tricks


The Sift 54: Cars

  • Mitsuoka’s Himiko is a Classic Electric Sports Car
  • Obama Will Not Meet His Electric Car Goal by 2015
  • Tesla Motor’s Model X Electric SUV to Hit the Streets by 2013
  • Virginia pilot program halves electricity bill for charging EVs overnight
  • DARPA working with Local Motors to crowdsource next-generation combat vehicles


The Sift 55: Facebook

  • Facebook's Revamped Messaging System Now Rolling Out to All Users
  • What the New Facebook Pages Mean For Users & Owners
  • Facebook Rolling Out Brand New Photos Interface
  • Facebook Launches Group-Buying Prototype
  • Facebook Privacy: 10 Settings Every User Needs to Know


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