Friday, February 11, 2011


I saw someone at work who I think is planning to retire this summer. They had gone through a big project last year and I think they realized that they'd had just about enough. So this summer, they'll end their career and start a new life that just means not going to an office anymore.

That seemed a little sad to me. I've seen that a few times from this side - they're just kind of no longer there, their memory fades away.

So it made me start thinking... In the movies, people in retirement have finally found their zen, their peace. The demons are gone. They've reformed. Of course, most of the examples I can think of are people who had criminal careers. But they've just kind of gotten out of the game.

Until they get called back in for one last job.

And then I though of the idea of finishing well. But you never know when you're actually just about to be done. The only person who's positively done everything he set out to do was Jesus. And of course you can't compare to him.

So someday, I will get to retire. For now, the hope is that it will involve me sitting in a house that has views of the water and I'm just reading books. (Hopefully the irony of old age won't make reading difficult. Technology will probably help.). But what of the time just prior to retirement? I hope I will still be working here. But if I am, will I go out with a bang? One last thing gets pulled off. Not so much to leave a legacy, but as a nice end cap to my career.

I guess time will tell. But since it's a ways off, I look forward to all the cool technology stuff we'll see before then. And I'll continue to add to the list of books I want to read.
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