Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Sift 46-50

The Sift 46: Batch of Cars

  • Porsche 918 RSR Hybrid Race Car Unveiled at Detroit Auto Show
  • Volkswagen to Unveil 235MPG Car at 2011 Qatar Motor Show - Ugh. I thought we were done with ugly cars with the back wheels covered?
  • Chevrolet rolling out Volt nationwide by end of year, everybody gets a plug-in
  • Tesla Model S to have 17-inch infotainment console powered by Tegra; BMW using NVIDIA tech too
  • Hyundai Reveals 40mpg Veloster at Detroit Auto Show


The Sift 47: WOW Videos

  • A Day at the Bakery - wow, now I am really hungry. This guy is good.
  • Twilight approach/landing at LAX. Awesome.
  • Real-time Face-Tracking
  • All of NYC in the Blink of an Eye
  • We Are All Cyborgs Now


The Sift 48: Ye Olde TeeVee

  • Internet Surpasses Television as Main News Source for Young Adults
  • 3Dud TV
  • 5 Reasons Connected TV Could Flop in 2011
  • 86% of participants surveyed by Yahoo!/Nielsen Use Mobile Devices While Watching TV
  • "Angry Birds" to Become an Animated Series


The Sift 49: Gmail

  • Email delegation: Granting access to your Gmail account
  • Gmail Adds Unread Count in Favicon to Gmail Labs
  • Google Begins Testing Display Ads in Gmail
  • How to Use Gmail as Your Central, Universal Communications Hub
  • Gmail Labs Search


The Sift 50: Nokia (1 of 2)

  • Nokia CEO Stephen Elop rallies troops in brutally honest 'burning platform' memo - the memo that started the firestorm (except for the part about the fire already happening)
  • Nokia Workers Mourn the Death of Symbian - Thousands Walk Out
  • Nokia Partners with Microsoft, Embraces Windows Phone 7
  • Why Microsift is Nokia's Last Best Hope (opinion)
  • Nokia USA president is out, replaced by Microsoft vet Chris Weber as Elopocalypse continues


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