Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bacon or Ewok

Lori was telling me a dream recently where she had made bacon. I thought that was a pretty cool dream. I mean, the smell of bacon, the taste of bacon, none of the annoying grease or calories. She disagreed. She said my recent dream was cooler.

I was standing on the bridge(?) of an AT-AT, up in the head(?) part. We were just standing still. It was cold and snowy. I guess we were supposed to be guarding some area or something. I was just standing there looking out the window. Bored. Every so often another person would some in to the cockpit(?), or I'd leave the cabin (seriously... what is this called?) to go back into the body of the vehicle to talk to someone. But we were definitely not moving. Oh, and the machine had a much smoother, glass head so when you stood in the front you had an expansive view. Must have been some pretty strong armored material that was transparent.

I was standing there looking out and I could see just in front and below was an Ewok curled up in a tree like a koala, sleeping. And it was annoying me because here we were in this massive beast of a machine and it was just sleeping as if it didn't even know we were there or worse yet, wasn't afraid of us. I knew it would be wrong to shoot it, and besides, I wouldn't be able to maneuver the guns around without moving the entire vehicle, but as I stood there drinking my coffee and looking at the cold terrain, its very presence in the tree was mocking me.

Finally I sat down at the controls, brought the engines online, and lowered the head and then shook it back and forth, shaking the tree and dislodging the Ewok.
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