Sunday, March 11, 2007

Music and Lyrics

Saw Music and Lyrics starring Hugh Grant and that actress who looks like my friend Allison. It was a pleasant enough movie with two complaints. The first is a given -- at one point Drew Barrymore gives a look straight out of Fever Pitch Never Been Kissed The Wedding Singer etc. But we can't fault her, or even "them" for continuing to make these kinds of movies because we keep going to see them. So I guess it's not really a complaint as much as a note because she does it well or we wouldn't keep going. And besides, look at her IMDB list... she's 12-1/2 months younger than me and has credits going back to when I was 4. That's pretty impressive, and extra props for not screwing it up going into adulthood.

The second (and more legitimate) complaint is for poor make-up or the lack of special effects when special-effects are clearly called for. Grant's character is supposed to be a has-been. Part of a wildly famous pop group, he's now a slightly older has-been who performs at fairs and class reunions. But there's a well-done (aka fabulously bad) music video from his heyday you see from time-to-time. They did not do nearly enough to youthify Grant's appearance.

Otherwise, movie was fine and nice and implausible and feel-good.

Oddly, the movie was originally going to be called "Music and Lyics By" which makes more sense but is a worse title. I wonder if more of the music vs. lyrics interplay was cut, from time-to-time the writing seemed to have a High Fidelity-like reverence the part each plays in a song.
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