Thursday, March 08, 2007

All atwitter

Twitter seems to be the latest 2.0 darling. Instead of sitting back and waiting, I decided to get back onto the cutting edge and give it a try. They say the next big thing is "presence" - more interconnected than blogs, faster than e-mail and less obtrusive than a phone call and more universal than a instant message.

Or is it just making sure the world has access to the thoughts in your head too insignificant to even warrant a blog post?

Anyhow, I guess there's a couple components to it. There's the "public timeline" on their website that shows the past 20(? too lazy to count) posts from everyone, and then there's the personal list that shows all of a particular person's posts (twits?), and then you can also connect with other people and see what they're up to. You can even go so far as to post your twits and your friend's twits (would an annoying friend's be "twit's twits"?) wherever, like MySpace or Blogspot or whatever.

So, remains to be seen really what the point of it all is, but I'm trying it out. If you're a regular reader and you start your own twitlist, send me an invite so I can connect with you.

For now, it's got a quasi-permanent placement on the right navbar, but here's a copy right here in this post just because. Wonder if it will break it, trying to show two on the same page. We shall see.
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