Wednesday, March 28, 2007

New Phones

The new phones are here! While the interface is just as clunky, the outside casing looks fresher. I note that these are made in China (the others were made in Singapore) so hopefully these should work better (aka not break) due to superior manufacturing.

Because they came within the 30 days of the first account being opened, Cingular's treating it like the original account wasn't closed. So we pay the outstanding bill, get a credit back for the days the service was cancelled -- when FedExTurtle finally delivered the phones to StinkFly, rather than when we sent them or even when we let them know we were sending them or when the phone stopped working. Then the new service starts on the first, so we do get a few free days. Whatever. Just so long as the Wirefly mess is all behind us.

Of course, even Amazon couldn't get the area code right and shipped 206's. Is this a sign? Should we move to The City? Sadly, they were out of good numbers so our numbers are nowhere near each other. E-mail me for the new number.

So to figure out the billing and get the numbers changed, that's #1 and #2 for the new round.
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