Saturday, September 02, 2006

This Week's Links

Sprint's Suckiness Its Advantage
PBS.ORG -- According to Cringley, the fact that Sprint PCS sucked so bad they had to build so many more towers than their competitors much closer together is now to their advantage, will allow them to offer a much better WiMax experience, should they choose to do so. (WiMax works best the closer you are to the tower.)

Is Cybersex Cheating
WIRED.COM -- An interesting article on why that's a misguided question to ask and suggestions about what someone might really be asking when they ask that question.

You've Got Computer
MSNBC.COM -- AOL begins offering a computer for $199 (plus monitor) that offers a whole host of programs, just nothing from that Microsoft company.

Progressive California
MSNBC.COM -- I always appreciated how progressive California was and again they've impressed me, putting forth new requirements to reduce greenhouse gasses. Again, the federal government is up in arms. Why? Because California has once again dared to make the right move when the impotence of the federal government has been unable to.

Daylight Everywhere
NEWS.COM -- Using plastic (instead of more fragile and costly glass) -- in a fiber-optic type setup -- a company has come up with a way to distribute sunlight throughout buildings. A computerized system monitors the light in the offices and supplements with overhead lighting as needed. Major cost savings suggested.

Help, I've Been Stolen!
NEWS.COM -- A new utility makes it possible for stolen smartphones to start crying out for their owner. Kinda clever.

YAHOO.COM -- Some cool panda photos. (from Lori)

Back to the Moon
MSNBC.COM -- Plans to go back to the moon and the space shuttle's replacement in this article.
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