Friday, September 29, 2006

Dear Detroit

Dear Detroit,

The Fit is not in. Yaris is an awful name. The Matrix looked like a high-top sneaker. The Element is ugly and every time I see a Scion, I automatically assume its owner is an idiot.

I don't want an SUV and I can't afford a Lexus, though they're kinda on the plain side. It'll be a few years before I buy a car, but if things don't change, I'm probably gonna be stuck with an Avalon.

I want my gull-wings or pivot doors. I want my Delorean. My Intrepid, while not for everyone, is a great car. It has a little bit of styling but it doesn't scream "Pull me over for speeding." (The base for a car seat in the back seat probably also helped the last time I was pulled over.)

Bottom-line, I'm looking for the superhero-in-disguise car. A little bit calm, a little bit cool.
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