Thursday, September 14, 2006

Goodnight, Little Cat

We found Tinsel around Christmastime so many years ago when we were living in Glendale. She was all knotted and she would run up to every car that drove by while we were sitting there petting her after coming across her during a walk in the neighborhood. We took her home, figuring we'd watch for signs announcing a missing cat. The local vet confirmed that she had a hyperactive thyroid which would require daily medication. The condition of her teeth and the look of her, they guessed then that she was between 11 and 14 years old. By the way she acted, we guessed that she either escaped from a motorhome or was dumped by someone no longer willing or able to provide for her care. The princess of the bunch, she was always scrawny and didn't take great care of herself, but she was quiet and endured me shoving pills down her throat once or twice a day. We thought maybe our role was simply to make sure she passed away loved in a warm and safe environment. She's hung on, but as of late, she's taken a turn for the worse. She now requires many pills a day for various ailments and she's not eating. She's wasted away to nearly nothing and we're praying that she'll go quietly in her sleep instead of continuing to starve to death. This is a picture of her tonight. It seemed like the right time to say something about her.
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