Friday, September 15, 2006

Solution to Immigration, Genocide and Uppity Small Countries

This isn't a perfect solution because of China, but I had an idea tonight that might just solve the problem of illegal immigration, genocide and put little countries in their proper place.

It came to me tonight as my daughter was spinning the globe around pointing at countries and asking what their names were. I was noticing just how small some of the countries in Europe were. But in the UN, they get the same number of votes as everyone else. So they think they're all big and mighty but they're really kinda tiny.

So, here's my proposal... make the UN representative. The more populous your country, the more seats you get.

It would finally make Mexico take its egression problem seriously. Instead of turning a blind eye while its citizens depart en masse, it would be forced to figure out why and then do what it could to keep them in the country.

And these countries where there's civil war and genocide, they'd realize that it wasn't in their best interest to let their citizens keep dying because it means fewer votes.

Now, I realize this could end up allowing China to rule the world, but they'd repeal their one-baby-per-family rule but their country would be ground to a halt pretty soon after that. The only money to be made would be in baby products.
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