Monday, September 04, 2006


Crocs may rule, but I guess stingrays don't. While ironically filming (can something be filmed ironically? You know what I mean.) "Ocean's Deadliest" Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin's luck finally ran out. And in a big way. He apparently got too close to a really dangerous stingray whose tail contains a poisoned barb which apparently hit him in the chest, went between his ribs and directly into his heart.

Irwin could be credited for introducing lots of children to the world of animals, especially his infant child who he took in with him while feeding crocodiles. Other recent events might have suggested he was playing more and more loose with the rules and getting away with it. Until now. I found him somewhat annoying, but I came down to the computer this morning expecting there to be bad news (last time I had an unpaid holiday there was a major earthquake and I got a lot of overtime) and so this time it was the Crocodile Hunter news. Sadly he leaves behind family (bad enough on its own)... who will now forever be torn between their own love for animals and thinking that it was his love for animals (or publicity?) that ultimately did him in.
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