Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Busy World

8:25 am: Hey y'all... life has been incredibly busy lately and I haven't been able to get on here to post, sorry. It's been good, just really busy.

10:15 am: It doesn't help any if stupid Blogger loses something you've typed. We went to Grandma Palmateer's 90th. birthday party this past weekend. It had originally been a much smaller gathering scheduled for the previous Saturday until grandma's twin brother (Lawrence)'s daughter found out. She asked us to push it back a week and got to work. While at a business conference in Europe, she arranged with family to get Lawrence and his wife on a private plane so he could fly out to the event and then fly back home right afterwards. (He didn't want to fly or drive because it would be hard and uncomfortable -- he's more mobile than Grandma, but at 90, he's got his limits, too. The private flight made it physically possible for him to travel the great distance.) She also was able to invite a lot more people, hire a photographer and make these really cool nametags. They listed grandma and Lawrence and their six siblings in boxes across the top. And then our specific branch was listed, allowing us to visually see as we met people how we were connected to them. It was a really neat time and I have no idea when grandma and Lawrence were last able to see one another, so that was really special.

11:07 am: Have to reset my computer, can't get into an important program and hoping this will fix it.

3:46 pm: Again, another day has just flown by. It's not quite over yet, but we're approaching the home stretch. Happily, everything is either (a) in process or (b) waiting for clients. Tonight I get to hang with Rachel while Lori's at Bible Study. I enjoy getting to spend time with Rachel. A little more fun when we get to go places, but we're over budget this month so we'll just stay home instead of using gas. We can still have lots of fun around the house, though often she trails me around while I do chores which I imagine will stop getting fun as soon as she's old enough to figure out what I'm doing and that it's not really a run-around-the-house game.
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