Monday, May 09, 2005

Lost Ground

This weekend was a killer. After a recent really encouraging visit to the scales, this weekend seemed designed to counter that. A major project at work required me to work an extra 14 hours between 5 pm Thursday and 4 pm Saturday. I was at work on Thursday from 8 am to 2 am the next day. Then back at 10 am, stayed until 5 pm, then back again at 10 pm, staying until 4:30 am. I had a bit of a cold before the weekend and by Saturday afternoon, I was pretty much shot. I went home Saturday feeling really sick and skipped church and skipped Ryan's dedication. I hadn't eaten much all day Saturday and that evening I stayed on the couch, dozed a little while watching the rest of Back to the Future II. Then I did some chores since I hadn't helped around the house in a few days, felt a little better, made some soup and began watching #3.

The family's been sick and the really twisted hours didn't help any. Nor did access to mostly bad-for-me foods. Even though they were supposed to be off-limits, I ate cookies, ice cream and doughnuts last week, and consumed several dark sodas, mostly just at the end of the week when everything went screwy. And, I paid for it. Probably about half my gain was lost (or half my lost was re-gained, depending on how you look at it.)

So, things should return to normal this week and I need to put the plan back into play. Got up at 5 this morning and walked the dog. Saw a small possum sitting (like a dog) in someone's driveway. That was kind of cool. Barkley and I got closer to it and it just opened its mouth at us. I don't know if it was tasting the air like a cat does, or if it was ready to bite or hiss. Barkley seemed curious but not antagonistic and the possum looked small, so we didn't stay around too long, because I didn't want to upset it. Hopefully get in two to four more walks before Friday.

And the food... this week is ice cream. If it makes sense, there will be a trip to Coldstone's this week. It's been too long. But, if there's no time in the week or weekend to do it, oh well. But... back on track with the diet... no doughnuts, no cookies, no dark sodas, no cake. It's not a difficult diet. Just being sick and being sleep-deprived really dimishes my already pathetic will power.
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