Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Hide Your Anti-American Sentiment on Porn Sites

NEWS.COM -- Websense announces that the Department of Homeland Security will begin using its product to keep ICE employees off of inappropriate sites and protect its network from sites containing malicious code. Well, on one hand, that's all well and good. On the other hand, I hope there's an ICE team that has free reign of the internet to be looking out for terrorist communications no matter what website they might appear on. Also, I hope that someone tells them that Websense will just stop working, with no warning, no notice, no alert, if you go over your license limit. And then anyone can see any website or use any tool or protocol without limits until it's restarted.

It's a decent enough program, but it's got some annoying flaws, that being one of them. I would have recommended it work the other way... if you have a license for 100 computers and computer 101 connects, don't just stop working, just block computer 101 from accessing the internet entirely. Trust me, that would get people to upgrade much quicker. (Because it just kept stopping without any explanation, we figured it was broken. Even though we now know otherwise, it still sticks in our mind as being "broken" and so we dumped them and are going with a different content filtering solution here where I work.)
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