Saturday, May 21, 2005

The Look of Defeat

Defeat sits outside my door haunting me. It's a giant hole in my front yard. It's four hours last night and six hours this morning before deciding that the project was beyond my abilities. It's scraping up Lori's SUV manhandling a tiller in and out of it. (First off, when did they stop calling them roto-tillers? Second off, rent from Home Depot after 6 pm and you get to keep the thing until the next morning. Third off, clean off your tools before you bring them back. It might be on something you sign, but who reads that stuff anyhow? Fortunately, they waived it.) But now I have a big hole in my front yard and part of the markings of a new patio and path.

I think I'll put up a sign soliciting any yahoo that drives by in case they want to finish it for cheap.
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